Private Kindergarten

     Your child’s kindergarten experience should be exceptional! Research shows that the success children achieve during this year is a major indicator of future academic success.
     Our comprehensive, nationally recognized and accelerated kindergarten curriculum – implemented by experienced teachers – builds the foundation to ensure the following years are equally exceptional! The curriculum is sculpted by each teacher and captures the natural curiosity through scheduled activities that advance students mentally, physically, and emotionally.
     You want this important year to be the very best for your child, and you will find that at Gateway. Our kindergartners discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners.

Advantages of Gateway


Gateway hand-selected, effective and supportive teachers and staff


The finest curriculum materials, approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)


Smaller class sizes (lower ratios) for more individual attention


Convenience – kindergartners can be in the same school as their younger siblings


Nutritious lunch and snacks served daily


Later cut-off date means that younger children who are socially, emotionally and cognitively ready for kindergarten can get a head start on their education


The private Kindergarten program promotes the integration of academic, social, creative, and physical development through activities that utilize all the learning areas.

Explore the Benefits

of Private Kindergarten